The Factory Cafe

The Factory Cafe

The Factory cafe is a lovely cafe with a wide selection of food choice. Chocolate Lava cake here is ...
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tai tong-phuket coffee shop review

Tai Tong Café

Tai Tong Café is one place coffee and cake lovers should not miss! ...
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A Little Sweet, Dessert Cafe-phuket coffee shop review

A Little Sweet, Dessert Cafe

Special sweet on earth that you must try ...
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Pikgo cafe, coffee shop in phuket.

PiKGo Cafe'

Pikgo café is a little café in mystical forest. This is a home of wild animals. Under the shade of a...
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Hock Hoe Lee, cafe in Phuket town.

Hock Hoe Lee

HOCKHOELEE the original Phuket coffee roaster, founded in 1958, is a leading coffee roaster supplyin...
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My cafe, coffee and dessert cafe in Phuket.

My Cafe'

Coffee & Dessert ..where happiness begin.. ...
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delicious pancake cafe in Phuket town.

Pancake Corner

If you love pancake, this is a place to go… Great on a late morning or lazy afternoon… ...
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Cafe'in, coffee shop in Phuket town.


Indy Cafe' with House music ...
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At first sight cafe in Phuket town.

At First Sight Cafe

Fresh fragrant coffee in a romantic atmosphere. ...
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B cat cafe, a cat coffee cafe in Phuket.

B Cat Cafe

First Cat Cafe in south of Thailand ...
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Business service

Though the tin mining industry has played a specially important role in the economic development of the island province, it has declined especially after 1985 when the price of tin fell by half. The decline has also been due to the gradual decrease in the deposits after centuries of exploitation. So, Phuket had to look for a new industry on which to base its future economic development. Fortunately, its natural beauty was soon discovered and there was a boom of tourism in 1980's, which has lasted up to the 21st century.

Since Thailand is a city there. World-renowned. Whether it is a tourist attraction. Equipped with a Type of equipment and facilities. Infrastructure quality and convenient to travel by land and by air, with international airports can accommodate passengers in and out easily. And this is the main factor that tourists from all over the world are choosing to travel in Thailand. The town is a beautiful city. The visitors were in the nature of love and Phuket. Phuket property not only to the natural one. Attractive for cultural entertainment show at night. Seafood is an excellent source of the roller on the bottom and then back to the unforgettable impression. It is renowned throughout the world to the fascinating city of Phuket and this is causing businesses to come. Business to meet the needs of the clients or the people who come to visit Phuket. The type of business and leisure services. Seen by many as a tourist resort, spa, nightly entertainment in the theater. Supermarkets and natural attractions.

Some of Business associations  are as below.

o   International Business Association of Phuket (IBAP)

o   The Phuket chamber of commerce

o   Phuket's Business & Entertainment Directory

o   Kata Karon Hotel’s Business Association

o   Do Business in Phuket (info)

o   Start Small Business in Phuket

o   Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) 

o   Phuket business service directory